Saturday, June 23, 2012

Plus Size Blazers

The career lady has basic essential pieces in her wardrobe and one of them is the blazer. This primary item has earned its place in the industry due to the way it is convenient to put on and can go with almost anything. Women's plus size blazers make its mark because when you have it on, you get the instant office work look in a jiffy. The working woman is always on the go, having little time and too many things to do at the same time. Putting on make-up has been timed down to 5 minutes flat. Bathing and changing clothes must be done in 30 minutes and this is where women’s plus size blazers come in to help decision making for office attires easier.

You can now make use your blazer in more ways than one by pairing them with 5 bare essentials in your closet and pull off 5 different ways to look in them:
  • Bare dresses in cream, white, or beige – Set off a contrasting look with your patterned blazers like checkered, tweed, and corduroy fabrics. Place an accent of a belt following the color scheme of the blazer chosen.
  • Pastel colored long sleeve blouses, button down or with stylish designs – Bring out the soft muted colors by matching them with your plain black blazer, fitted or not. If the blouse has ruffles or a Chinese collar, bring emphases to them by wearing a slim down black slacks and heeled pumps to complete your attire.
  • Plain colored short sleeve or sleeveless blouses and floral knee-length skirts – Among women’s plus size blazers, the ideal match would be a cropped blazer to even out the total effect making it elegant and not overpowering to the eyes.
  • Long or short top blouse and skinny jeans – For longer tops, it would be best to go with shorter sleeves on your boyfriend blazer. For shorter ones, the long sleeved boyfriend blazer would make it a great combination.
  • Plain white T-shirt (V-neck or round neck) and your fave jeans (Capri style or denims) – Go from plain Jane to funky Diva by covering this with a sequin blazer or any of those fashionable blazers that will draw attention to details like faux alligator skin or studded designs on the lapels.
Make a statement with the different women’s plus size blazers mixed with your closet staples and get glam!

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